Download the Ethis Transparency Report

The first ever Ethis Performance Report is now ready for download. This report will give you the information you need to start investing through crowdfunding. Join our crowd and invest in campaigns that can give you healthy profits while building homes for the millions of low-income families in Indonesia.

Ethis is an award-winning pioneer in Ethical and Islamic Crowdfunding. We operate in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, with two other global offices processing regulatory approvals. Ethis is a fusion of Ethical and Islamic – we operate guided by the highest levels of Ethics and transparency, based on the universal principles of Islam. We are a proven marketplace that matches our global crowd of 25,000, from small investors to large institutions, to emerging Indonesia.

What will you get?
1. Statistics on past performance of Indonesian affordable housing campaigns
2. 8 Things to you need to know about Ethis Islamic crowdfunding
3. How Ethis onboard partners and structures campaigns


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