Download the Ethiscrowd Transparency Report

Crowdfunding is an emerging model that utilizes digital platforms to raise funds for specific companies, projects or campaigns, typically from the public, organisations or institutions. Islamic Crowdfunding is based on shariah principles and structures, or focused on Muslim needs and interests. Today, there is close to 10 active Islamic Crowdfunding platforms globally, with many more in the early setup stages.

Ethis is an early leader in Islamic Crowdfunding. We operate in 3 countries: Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. We are also concurrently setting up and processing regulatory approvals in 2 other countries.

The word Ethis is a fusion of Ethical and Islamic. We strive to operate guided by the highest levels of Ethics and transparency, based on the universal principles of Islam.

This report provides insights into our Real Estate Islamic Crowdfunding activities on our main platform, the world’s first Real Estate Islamic Crowdfunding platform and one of the first investment Islamic Crowdfunding platforms in the world. matches our global crowd to Impact Investments to develop Social Housing estates in Indonesia. In addition to a snapshot of our crowd and campaigns, we also share case studies of 6 campaigns to illustrate different scenarios and outcomes. We believe this is essential to create deeper understanding of our role as a Crowdfunding platform, and to educate and align our crowd and stakeholders.


What’s in it for you?

  • Statistics and Infographics
    – Percentage of investors by amount invested
    – Investors by country of residence
    – Performance of all campaigns
    – Performance of Indonesian affordable Housing campaigns
  • 8 Things to know about Ethis islamic crowdfunding for social housing
  • How Ethis onboard partners and Structure
  • Brief explanation of Mudarabah & Istisna + Murabahah with diagrams
  • A brief comparison of the pros and cons of both structures
  • Case Studies of the project so far we took up on
  • Conclusion