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Fiber Optic Installation

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Fiber Optic is offline for now and will be re-launched later as a new campaign. You can check the other campaign(s) for more investment options.

This project is currently on-going and will proceed with or without full-funding by the crowd.

Campaign Snapshot

13%-16%Projected Return Based on Profit Sharing
12-15 monthsDuration
SGD 800Minimum Investment


1. Help Indonesia Break out of Poverty

FO infrastructure is a top priority for the government. Internet access benefits the people by improving education and communication, and long-term social improvement

2. National Project with reduced Risk

The construction contract we are funding stipulates clear and strict timelines and charges. Investors can be confident to receive the projected profits on time

3. Experienced and Proven partner

PT Rayka has completed 20 similar contracts over the past 4 years. PT Rayka was previously crowdfunded by Kapital Boost, successfully paying out S$180,000.

4. Risk of Rainy weather

The main risk is rain, which will result in costs increasing slightly. Our projected returns of 13% is based on this scenario.

This is a project for the installation of fiber optic cables in various regions of Indonesia. This industry is tightly regulated and controlled, with all prices for related work being fixed by the government at every level of the service chain. PT Rayka has 100% successful records in the past 18 projects in 3 years.

PT Rayka is an Indonesian contractor company that receives work orders for road digging and laying of cables, and also for installation of cables above ground. Each work order has a completion duration of 3 months, with profit margins ranging from 18% to 25%. PT Rayka is seeking investors to invest SGD 346,200 for a period of 12 to 15 months, targeting completion of 3 to 4 working orders. PT Rayka will be sharing 25% of the profit margin realized on the achieved working orders financed by the funds raised from EthisCrowd investors during the said period. That would make it a minimum return of 4.5% per cycle (25% * 18%). PT Rayka has 100% successful records in the past 18 projects in 3 years.

PT Ethis Indo Asia* is a minority shareholder and financial controller for PT Rayka.

All SGD figures above are converted from IDR at a rate of SGD1 = IDR9,100.

*PT Ethis Indo Asia (PT Ethis) is an associate company of Ethis Pte Ltd (Singapore). It is licensed in Indonesia as a real estate developer, contractor, investor and broker. It develops real estate, and also handles project and financial management of projects in Indonesia with its circle of strategic local partners. 

NOTE: Investors through their investment do not own any portion of PT Rayka company.

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